California Devils: Rock and Evil in 60s USA [online now]

Our first Trebuchet talk is now available online.

There will be a teaser coming soon for public release however Trebuchet members can view the whole thing now.

Members access here. 

Starting the November 2017 series of talks in spectacular fashion Stephen Parsons drew the audience into the history of Californian yearning. Through seekers of adventure to seekers of fame to seekers of more esoteric enlightenment, Snips stamped our passports into the strange and sometimes violent corners of the alternative Amercian dream. To control through desire, to achieve power by manifesting the dreams of others, to direct action without being directly responsible, and beyond!

It might seem that historical bit players like Manson were destined to bite back. Yet, by sifting through the hallowed loam of sacred Hollywood perhaps we can uncover the roots and dental records of how we approach murder and control in these more virtual times.

Under the California sun are children of the moon; strange drifters on dark tides and Servants of the Death Ray.

Bobby BeauSoleil, John Phillips, The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Charles Manson, Heidi Fleiss, Anton Le Vey, Phillip K Dick, Jack Parsons, Trent Reznor, Kenneth Anger, Marjorie Cameron, Jim Morrison and L. Ron Hubbard are among those who rode the wild surf to shadowy destinations.”

Pin a posey on your kaftan if you must but hold your crucifix tight chillen’… this is where it gets hairy.

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